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A mobile world that work with IBM Mobile Security


Here at IBM, we get more and more demands for thorough and secure enterprise mobility management (EMM) platforms. However, the big elephant in the room, we’ve noticed, remains security. Lots of organizations are enthusiastic about mobile and eager to implement a mobile strategy, but the persistent perception that mobile is unsafe still causes a great deal of reluctance. Our answer presents itself in the form of IBM MaaS360. Here’s what you need to know about the solution that strikes the delicate balance between business productivity and security. And if this blog post can’t convince you, then let our 30-day free trial do so

A mobile world that works
Digitalisation has not only dramatically influenced our job description; its influence on how we work cannot be underestimated either. In the not-so-distant past, work began and ended at the desk. In 2017, mobility applies to personal devices, corporate-issued and even shared devices. In a networked work place, mobile is the path to the future for any enterprise. But there’s a big ‘but’: security. Although massive mobile connectivity has a host of advantages, it also raises security questions – and rightly so. It’s without a doubt one of the main obstacles in adopting mobile. The benefits of mobile always outweigh the risks, though –if those risks can be reduced to an absolute minimum. Go to our free 30-day trial to experience how MaaS360 reduces mobile risks.

Big World of Mobile?
The slew of cyberattacks on companies big and small over the past few years didn’t exactly help build up the confidence and trust that is so needed for mobile deployment. That is indeed the big balancing act for enterprise IT: making mobile work easier, faster and more efficient, while simultaneously ensuring data protection. For organizations in doubt, an EMM platform, such as MaaS360, can be the single, secure solution that addresses the security concerns: it protects mobile data across devices, apps, networks, cloud resources and data centers. Tightly integrated with industry-leading security offerings, MaaS360 brings enterprise IT the intelligence and capabilities needed to embrace large-scale mobility and its advantages without the associated complexity and headaches (See here how it works).

Manage Mobile with MaaS360
If this blog post alone won’t get you over your reluctance, you might want to see for yourself how secure MaaS360 really is. Try out MaaS360 through a full-production 30-day free trial. We’re confident MaaS360 will provide IT teams a wide range of mobile security options to separate corporate and personal information across users, devices, content and apps. This gives customers the flexibility to offer tiered or layered mobile security to address their varied end user needs and IT security requirements such as essential mobile device management, data containment, app security, mobile threat management, unified endpoint management and advanced control of corporate data for specific use cases. IBM MaaS 360 can give you the confidence you need to deploy mobile with as calm a conscience as we can enable today.


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